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Our Incubators

The Light House Project fiscally sponsors groups or individuals that serve to help achieve the mission of the Light House Project. In this way, the LHP serves to empower Muslim youth to take on projects and programs that they are passionate about. These programs are led by Muslim youth and/or serve Muslim youth.

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Artist Ummah

Artist Ummah is a community-driven cultural arts initiative that seeks to address themes that are relevant to the Muslim community and beyond. We offer opportunities to young Muslim creatives by providing accessible spaces to showcase their work and grant educational resources to enhance their practice. Through creative expression, we aim to act as a catalyst to bring about positive social change.

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Muslim in the Arts

Our aim is to elicit creativity, self-expression, critical thinking, and artistry through our theatre/film courses, and performances.

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People's Power Lab

The People’s Power Lab is a Triangle, North Carolina-based organization with a mission to build the power of Black, Brown, and Muslim working-class youth & adults through political education, media justice, and joining the progressive movements. To learn more, click here


American Muslim History Project

The American Muslim History Projects consists of 4 initiatives related to the topic of American Muslim history: document and collect oral history, conduct classes, artifacts, encourage attendance to historic sites.

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Third Culture Mentors

TCM’s goal is to create a strong mentorship program to tap into the talent of those in their 30’s and 40’s in our community that were raised here, by immigrant parents, and eventually figured it out so that we can help them achieve success faster and be better than us.

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Junior's Academy

Juniors Academy aims to develop and nurture the next generation of young Muslims to be steadfast on Islam, attached to the masjid, and motivated towards Islamic work.

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Saahib Network

An organization who aims to develop an evidence-based, community-focused approach and corresponding network of resources capable of supporting the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of all.

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Travelling Stranger

We cover the stories revealed to the Prophet Muhammad
صلى الله عليه وسلم and deliver them to you in storytelling format!
We present them within Islamic boundaries of what Allah
made permissible.
This project is carefully crafted with exhaustive effort,
passion, and care.

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